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Best Minecraft Games

Top five immersive & innovative Minecraft games

When it comes to innovative games, then Minecraft games holds the first position. There is no doubt that these games are extremely creative which make this game super exciting. They offer a compelling style which is simple but unique.

minecraft simulators

Game developers are just crazy about capitalized games, and thus they invented Minecraft online games. Besides this here are some best such games:


Want to play 2D Minecraft games? Well, this one is the best to start with Terraria as it is a perfect example of real Minecraft. The game is structured, and it is fun to find hidden secrets. The storyline is the classic as a hero has to fight with an evil boss. Besides this, crafting your world sounds better when you want to make that world yours. On the other hand, character upgrade feature is something that will not let you quit this game.

Minecraft story mode

Assuming cool people into the Minecraft world is totally a new concept. Thanks to Telltale as they made such an exclusive game. Also, this is an original game with such excellent concept plus characters here are adorable. Even villains look cute in the game and players can explore story which belongs to someone else. Taking about the gaming style then it is definitive plus they did it very well.

Block forests

Minecraft games are not limited to only one genre, but they make themselves a kind. You can say that the game is an amalgamation of different ideas, concepts, and characters. Besides this, Visual styling of and Esque building of this game take it to another level. Te game even looks like a tower defense game in which you have to face obstacle while building towers. You also have to defeat them who are attacking you. The game ever has shooter mode which belongs to the action-adventure genre. So, in all the game is like dynamite and it an explosion of various styles and games.

The Blockheads

Want to know about the Minecraft game which you can play online? Well, then praise to the developers of blockheads as they again introduced a 2D Minecraft game. Well, it is much like Terraria but what makes it different is its online feature. Its cloud mode is best for those players who want to save the internal memory of their device. Besides this, players are free to have their shops in which they can have beautiful glass items. In other words, it’s a management style game, and with different commands and multiple characters, one can expand their territory and rule the world.


This was the first game which is built for mobile devices. Till now, one can be able to enjoy Minecraft games only on PC or on Xbox, but now they can play it on mobile. Besides this, players will get all the features of this game even on mobile. But multiplayer mode is missing in it, but it’s ok as other features cover this limitation.

Minecraft flash games bring revolution in the world of video games, and thus they deserve to be top of the list of best games.

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