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Getting The Right Type Of Massage Depending On Your Needs

Stressful jobs, tense situations at work or at home or simply adrenaline-filled situations represent the main reasons why we should all stop for once in a while and think about some relaxation methods. Now and then our bodies just need to relax and reset in order to properly function in the future and avoid more complicated health conditions. In this case, the benefits of a well done massage are incomparable. However, finding the right type of massage according to your needs and specifications proves a little harder than you might have thought. The main reason is that there are numerous types of massages, each coming with their own specifications and targeted areas. If choosing your massage type seems quite difficult at the beginning, here are some tips and tricks that hopefully will guide you through making the right choice in the end:

Massages for relaxation and removing stress

Most of us find massaging one of the easiest and efficient ways to release stress, anxiety and burry negative feelings even for a while. A relaxation massage does not have a body therapeutic purpose but will help you more clear your head and work on your mind. The best relaxation and stress relief massages are conducted in spas or special massaging centers, obviously being the most demanded types as well. A relaxation massage can last anywhere between 30 minutes and one hour and can focus, alternatively, on one specific area of the body or on the entire body.


Swedish massage is the most common type that induces relaxation and helps you fight anxiety, bad feelings, stress and tensed muscles. Being the most common, the Swedish type is also synonymous with the concept of “massaging” for most people. It is also the easiest to perform and does not require pretentious skills.

Start with long and seeping strokes at the begging and the end of the massage to set blood into motion and activate circulation. It is also a form of “awakening” the body and transport it into a specific state throughout the duration of the massage itself. Imagine the next moves as similar to the ones you make when you are kneading dough. This is the exact type of movements and intensity you need to adopt for the second stage of the Swedish type of massage. The next stage requires friction and applying deep pressure on specific parts of the body by using your knuckles or fingertips.

Right before the end, adopt rhythmic tapping by using the back of your palms to tap the entire surface of the body as if you were cutting something or hitting the drums. However, before applying this sort of movements ask if the patient is comfortable with this type of pressure. Some do not consider the technique relaxing while others adore it.

It is only a matter of taste and make sure you know exactly what you are doing. You can find plenty of relaxation massaging techniques by using specific massaging devices such as massage tables, massage chairs or EMS/ TENS devices on certain areas of your body or on all your body. However, this type of devices only uses heat and pulsation in order to de-tension the muscles and they are never as relaxing as having someone gently working on your entire body.

The hot stone massage

This particular type of massage is only done by professionals so we suggest you ask for a masseuse to perform it. Do not try it in the comfort of your own home because you may end up with burned or red skin and not a single drop of relaxation.

If conducted correctly, the hot stone massage helps release tension from all muscles through heat. The hot stones are also used for actually massaging different areas of the body. This type of massage is invigorating and boosts your energy. It may even help you fight against a long and tiring day ahead. It is mainly used to release tension from around your shoulders and no your back.

Deep tissue massage

This particular type of massage targets to treat specific body conditions and it is not your typical relaxation massage. Sore muscles, aches and minor injuries can easily be healed and treating by using deep tissue massage.

Just like the name suggests, this type of massage works by applying deep pressure onto specific areas of your body that hurt the most. For those who love a bit of pain and stretching your bones, this is the perfect type of massage. However, those who have sensitive skin and are reluctant to pain may consider this massage rather a form of torture than one of pleasure and relaxation. It mainly involves using your knuckles to apply pressure on muscular tissue as close to the bone as possible. However, before applying it, make sure your patient knows exactly what he or she may feel during the process and ask them to speak freely whenever the pressure or the pain felt is too high.

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